166 Jasmine Stephen   24/02/2019 10 / 10
Me and my friends had taken a 3 day trip with TES. Our first day was a trip of Baku city and our guide Sameer was very knowledged who told us Soo much about the history behind every place we visited. Our second day tour was to Guba, guided by Enlara who was very friendly and welcoming and explained us very well. Our third day trip to Gabala was very exciting and had a wonderful time with our guide ElShaam.. TES makes you feel so much at home while your away from yours. Very much recommend this.
165 Rubab   24/02/2019 10 / 10
Our package included of three days package. Our first day was tour around the city of Baku and our guide Sameer explained us very well. Their knowledge about the history and other information was very well conveyed. The second day trip to Guba, we were guided by our tour guide Elnara who was very friendly and so welcoming. The third day trip to Gabala was wonderful and very well e Organized and explained by our guide Elshan. Our memories in Baku were made wonderful by TES.. Thank you so much and highly recommend TES to you if you are looking for a trip guide in Azerbaijan
164 Tetchie   22/02/2019 10 / 10
After the wonderful trip in qabala, we discover that TES tour is offering a free walking tour in baku city so we grab it. Our tour guide again is el nara which is really good because she gave lots of information during the tour. Elnara help us understand the culture and the history of Azerbaijan which is fantastic. The whole tour is great, lots of conversation and laughter along the way. I would recommend to other tourist to take a tour guide in TES tour to learn the history of Azerbaijan and to get the best spot and places.
163 Joan Kristine Juntilla   22/02/2019 10 / 10
We enjoyed our tour today and yesterday. Our tour guide Elnara, she’s very nice and knowledgeable about the history of every places we visited and also our driver he’s very nice also, they are both friendly and very accommodating. We really enjoyed our trip here in Azerbaijan. Thanks testour.
160 kaya sener   12/11/2018 10 / 10
unforgettable experience 12.nov.2018 well programmed, highly informative excellent personnel very friendly and helpful we enjoyed every minute of it kaya and ergul sener
159 Matteo   29/10/2017 10 / 10
We booked a tour with TES after being in their agency and reading some review on tripadvasor. the experience was excellent. we were in 13 people, everyone was friendly and the guide was superb (thanks again!) departure was around 9 AM, we stopped for a tea after Quba in a scenery woodland and then in khinalug for lunch. the road after quba is very very scenic, with some gorgeous views immediately after the arrival in khinalug we had lunch in a local people's house, the setting is just fantastic and the food was marvelous. just one suggestion: the time for lunch was actually TOO much! we stayed for more than 1 hour to chat inside the house. going out to explore the village would have make much more sense after a 4 hours drive... after the lunch we got a trip outside and visited the local museum, really interesting. again, the guide explained us everything. really a great experience! i recommend it to anyone visiting baku for more than 2 days (in the other days just visit the old/new city,…
158 Ed Z.   26/09/2017 8.8 / 10
Provided us with lots of information. Good English speakers - not that many in Baku elsewhere. Situated near Double Gate - easy to find.
157 Natshankar   26/09/2017 8.6 / 10
Full day trip in the group of 8. Very interesting drive through the country with details explained well by our guide Roshan. Long day but Qabala and the waterfall are surely interesting places to see outside of Baku city. Good suggestion by TES.
156 Giulio C.   26/09/2017 9.4 / 10
I have tried the one-day tour, very interesting. The guide was really friendly and helpful! In one day I was able to visit places that are curious and, without this team, difficult to find or understand the historical importance. Convenient contact via WhatsApp and email with quick feedback.
155 Noah O.   26/09/2017 8.8 / 10
This past spring I was solo traveling in Azerbaijan and decided to take two solo tours with TES - one to the Gobustan mud volcanoes and the fire temple, and the other deep into the High Caucasus to visit tiny, hidden villages near the Russian border. TES made arranging the tour quite easily, and their convenient office right in the middle of the Old City of Baku helped with that. Both tours were highly interesting, especially the tour deep into the mountains - visiting the Jewish quarter in Quba was especially interesting to me, as was visiting the small village of an ethnic minority. The drive both ways was somewhat punishing, but generally worth it - I actually wish I had more time to take a longer tour. While these day tours were worth the time, I would definitely recommend people with a few extra days to take longer tours. My guide was an intelligent, if somewhat eccentric Azeri man. He certainly made the effort to make our hours in the car interesting thanks to a stream of constant…
154 Febrilyn A.   26/09/2017 10 / 10
I went to Azerbaijan on a solo trip, with a few expectations from what I read online. Weeks before my flight, I was really hesitating about going but since I had everything booked and paid for, I went ahead with doubts. I started to love Azerbaijan the moment I met my first tour guide for my first tour on my first day. Their tours are very informative and great. Their tour guides are just the best. Had I known that Azerbaijan was that great, I would have stayed longer. I spent 3 days there and when it was time to pack my bags, I was hoping I could stay longer. TES tour thank you so much. You were all so friendly and accommodating! I'm already missing you while I'm on my other trips, but I'll definitely come back!!!!
153 Ea1107   26/09/2017 10 / 10
I've been to 2-day tour with these amazing people - Xinaliq and Baku day tour - and this is by far one of the Most amazing trips I had. The staff is amazing!! So helpful and kind. I felt that the service is so special. Had the honor to meet the owner Emil, which was so friendly and fulfilled all I asked during the trip (including making a detour during the trip to see a synagogue I really wanted to see) Would definitely recommend any trip they offer! Only Tes tours while you're in Baku!
152 Natalia   12/07/2017 10 / 10
Вчера (11.07.17) были с подругой на однодневном туре по окресностям Баку. Полный восторг!!! За один день (а больше у нас не было, тк в Баку мы неполных три дня всего) посетили грязевые вулканы (почти космический пейзаж!), Гобустан, зороастрийский Храм Огня и огненную землю Янар-Даг!))) А в конце тура нам ещё сделали photo-stop на 15 минут у центра Гейдара Алиева (красивый современный комплекс, который в 2014г стал Дизайном Года). Нам тур ооочень понравился. И не только потому, что успели за один день увидеть то, что в других турагенствах делят на два дня, но ещё благодаря экскурсоводу. Наш тур вёл Самир- удивительно приятный с хорошим чувством юмора, интересный, высокообразованный гид, даже философ. Он хотел донести до нас не только сухие факты, которые мы сами можем прочесть в литературе, но в большей степени особенности культуры своей страны. Было очень интересно и познавательно. Поскольку на улице лето и 30-38 градусов, во время выхода из кондиционированного авто, он старался часть…
151 Tatiana   20/02/2017 10 / 10

С благодарностью!

Выражаем свою признательность организаторам за содержательную и очень интересную экскурсию - Day Trip Baku. Особые слова благодарности водителю Бaхтияру и замечательному профессионалу своего дела - экскурсоводу Самиру.

Татьяна и Евгений!
150 Юлия С.   19/02/2017 10 / 10

Спасибо,"TES tour"!

Случайно попала в Баку осенью 2016.Сразу посчастливилось обратиться в компанию "ТЕS tour".Именно посчастливилось,поскольку в компании работают образованные,увлеченные люди.Вся команда "TES tour" взаимодействует очень слаженно,дружно,дисциплинированно и организованно.Вам будут предложены интереснейшие экскурсии и поездки на все возможные вкусы и увлечения.Любую поездку для вас организуют в удобное для впс время,по вашим возможностям и запросам.Все время пути вы будете окружены заботой и вниманием,вас будет сопровождать опытные инициативные гиды,чей рассказ о любой области жизни Азербайджана будет интересен и познавателен для вас. Советую по-возможности съездить в как можно большее число экскурсий,поскольку каждая поездка будет новой и неожиданно замечательной по-своему...Что ближе и лучше для вас :наскальные рисунки Гобустана или величие гор Большого Кавказа;звездное небо высокогорного Ханалыга или очарование грязевых вулканов?...Как выбрать…
149 Ali A.   19/02/2017 10 / 10

Baku Tour

Thanks to the very friendly tour guide Saeed and the driver Bakhtiyar for the wonderful tour in Baku. It was really great! Hope to see you again, Ali
148 Arina   19/02/2017 10 / 10

Можно найти интересные поездки за пределы Баку

Tes Tour предлагают не только пешие прогулки, но и интересные поездки в горы. Удалось увидеть не только красоту кавказской природы, но и почувствовать местный колорит гостеприимства, быта и прекрасной кухни:)
147 Dóra Solymosi   19/02/2017 10 / 10

Friendliest hosts we've ever met

These guys made our time in Azerbaijan unforgettable! They told us a plethora of useful information and fun facts about Baku (and Azerbaijan in general). They were the most helpful and the friendliest of hosts we've ever met (and personally I've had the luck to visit many other countries before). The tours were perfectly organized and everything went super fast and smooth, and they were always on time. Do yourself a favour and choose them if you want to have an amazing time in this beautiful country! :)
146 Tamás Barna   19/02/2017 10 / 10

Dozens of interesting information about Baku

We had a wonderful time with this office. They are helpful and very kind and they have reasonable prices. They gave us not only a memorable tour but also dozens of interesting information about Baku, which has helped us enjoy the city in its complete beauty. All the services they offer are well implemented and they were always on time. They also speak English fluently and it’s a big plus against other tour organizers in Baku. I can highly recommend their excellent services for everyone. Thank you Guys for everything! Inshaallah we meet again!
145 Jill & John   19/02/2017 10 / 10

Exceptional Value for money

Hi. Myself and my partner visited Baku from the 28th September til 5th October. We went on a day trip with Said on Friday the 30th September, this trip was brilliant, we saw everything we wanted to and much more! Said was absolutely brilliant, he was helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable. Nothing was too much trouble, and this trip was one of the best we had ever been on.

We were not able to see the mud volcanoes on this trip due to the heavy rain which had fallen the day before, however we were told to get in touch after a few days of dry weather when the road would have dried out. We called in to your office again on the following Monday and were told we would be able to go on the following afternoon Tuesday 4th October.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 4th October we were taken to see the mud volcanoes, which was just amazing. Once again the guide whose name we cannot remember (But he like Beatles music especially…
144 Gill   19/02/2017 10 / 10


Experience well worth the money! We booked this package as we really wanted to see the Ateshgah Fire Temple and the tour for us was just an added bonus on the way. However the museums inside the temple were spectacular and we were so glad we booked this particular deal.
143 Максим   19/02/2017 10 / 10

Спасибо за помощь

Здравствуйте, дорогие друзья! Большое спасибо за доброту, гостеприимство и содействие в организации досуга! Отдельное спасибо, за помощь в театральной постановке! ) Хорошего дня, успехов и процветания!

С уважением, Максим.
142 Peter & Katrin   19/02/2017 10 / 10

Very good experience

It was amazing, Old City, Maiden Tower was amazing - and we got to see all the sights of Baku