Best Tour Company in Azerbaijan: Three things to do before You decide on choosing the tour in Azerbaijan 09/11/2017

Best Tour Company in Azerbaijan: Tours are great way to explore Azerbaijan in a defined time. Even it is a small country for its area, there are more than 1700 travel & tour companies in Azerbaijan. The main reason of so many large numbers of tour companies in Azerbaijan is that there is no need to have an authorized tourism license to operate as a travel company in Azerbaijan since 2015. So we hope this post is going to be helpful and effective to choose the best tour company in Azerbaijan to travel to Baku Azerbaijan.


Compare the rates:

TES Tour Baku


Despite the large number of travel companies in Azerbaijan, there is not such a big competition between them for the inbound tours in Azerbaijan. That is why there is not much price difference between the offers. Well, if the itinerary is filled with more destinations, the prices are increasing, but apart from this factor, there is not an obvious pricing strategy for tours in Azerbaijan.


The third-party companies that are operating online, such as, and others are publishing the Azerbaijan tour offers in their websites. Please keep in mind that, if a service is being sold through a third-party agency, then there is at least 20% commission rate added to the original price of the real tour provider. I am not mentioning yet the extra costs that occur due to bank transfers and other fees. So, it is always cheaper price for tours in Azerbaijan, if You buy it from the original tour operator or provider.


Most of the tours in Azerbaijan are offered individually or as private tours. You can find group tour offers very rare in Azerbaijan. Group tours in Baku Azerbaijan is much more cheaper and affordable rather than private tours in Baku Azerbaijan.



Scheduled Tour:


All the tour offers has its scheduled program: Start time, stop-points, destinations, timings, breaks, lunch-dinner inclusions or exclusions, entrance fee policies, transportation units, etc. Be aware of all these aspects. Check the traveler reviews: Are they doing what was offered? How do they do the tour? If to consider that You will have limited day & time in Azerbaijan, You would not like to be in a tour that ruins your day in Azerbaijan.


If You want to attend in a group tour in Azerbaijan, check the number of total attendees for that group. If there are more than 15 attendees in the group, the tour guide just can not be informative enough. Small group tours in Azerbaijan have always a good balance. The transportation unit is going to be a minivan or minibus, but not the huge bus with many tourists.



Check the reputation:


Azerbaijan is a post-soviet country, got its independency in 1992. As in all soviet countries, also in Azerbaijan there was not a definition such as “travel company”. All tour & travel solutions in Azerbaijan were made by Travel Bureaus, which were called “Tur-Baza”. After the year 1992, the travel solutions in Azerbaijan started to be done by private tour companies. Because the Land of Fire - Azerbaijan is rich of black gold (the petrol), the successful international energy contracts had a big role in development of economy. But the year 2012 was announced as the “Tourism Year in Azerbaijan” by the president Ilham Aliyev, and this act made a great leap forward in development of tourism in Azerbaijan. Additionally, starting from 2015, because of the condition of no qualification for tourism license, now there are many travel companies in Azerbaijan.


So before deciding on choosing the provider of your tours in Azerbaijan, it is important to choose the experienced teams that have:

- Formality (registered TIN, legal addresses, contact numbers, etc.)

- Safety requirements and policies

- Reviews of travelers


Because of being in the tourism sphere for a long time, the most experienced travel companies in Azerbaijan have more corporate relations with other travel related businesses such as hotel accommodations, visa arrangements, transportations. So look at the other offers provided properly by that tour company in Azerbaijan, and decide wisely.


Communicate with the tour company in Azerbaijan about any health concerns, disabilities or diet requirements you might have. So they can be prepared to make your trip in Azerbaijan an enjoyable experience.


After all, check out the Azerbaijan Tours and Baku Tours that are offered by TES TOUR Baku.

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